Mád about Tokaj

Sweet wines seem to be a little of the bitten path today.

We are counting calories so much that we tend to be scared of this liquid sunshine famous for centuries. For those brave ones there is a whole world of sweet to discover or rediscover, but if you think wines of Tokaj are only sweet think twice.… >>>>>

Occupation – Sommelier

I must admit that wine is my passion, being the gateway to an extraordinary world of flavors and aromas to be shared with great people from across the world.  Being a sommelier means having first and foremost, respect for nature, life and people, creating excellent sensory experiences around the most common of events, a shared meal.… >>>>>

In defense of sweet

W czasach, kiedy obsesyjnie dbamy o linię i walczymy z nadmiarem cukru w naszej diecie, staramy się unikać wszelkich cukrów i węglowodanów, wina wytrawne, szczególnie te z wysoką kwasowością, są dużo częściej wybierane. 

Uwielbiamy wytrawne Sauvignion Blanc, które często wręcz wykręca nam usta i mimo wrażenia, że pijemy wyciśnięty sok z limonki, uśmiechamy się lekko nieszczerze.… >>>>>

Quo Vadis – Douro Valley?

Arriving in Oporto was a quick and easy jump on two planes and one Uber. Of course I knew many wines from Douro, especially classic ones, but while on a plane a question was stuck in my mind. “Where is this traditional industry heading  and what is the motor behind its development?… >>>>>