Basic Course




The aim of this course is to introduce participants to the world of wine so that upom completion they are able to purchase, taste wine as well as pair it with food with knowledge and passion. The courses are provided in Polish language, but we can make them in English for organized groups.

Course dates: 


17.02.2018, 14.04.2018, 09.06.2018

Location: Hotel Polski Pod Białym Orłem, ul. Pijarska 17, Cracow 

Training Schedule:

  1. Styles of wine
  • still wines (white wines, red, rose)
  • sparkling wines
  • fortified wine
  1. Wine service
  • choosing wine glasses
  • choosing style of opening wine
  • selecting wine tools
  1. International grape varieties and their origins
  • classic grape varieties
  • major wine regions
  • reading  wine labels
  1. How to taste and describe wine
  • identifying aromas and flavors in wines, wine faluts
  • sight, smell and taste of wines
  • wine vocabulary
  1. Wine storage and service temperature of wine
  • wine storage conditions
  • styles of wines and their service temperature
  1. Food and wine pairing
  • rules of wine and food pairing
  • pairing basic food elements with wine
  • discussion of pairing effects

Duration: 4 hours

Number tasted wines: 8

Price: 300 zł

Price includes study materials, wines, training, culinary elements for food and wine pairing, water, bread.  Each participant receives study materials and certificate of completions of the course.

Classes are held in groups of 10-25 people.

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2018-02-17, 2018-04-14, 2018-06-09